Work Package 3

Main objectives:

1. To demonstrate the pressure vessel internal inspection robot in a real field use case.
2. To evaluate the demonstration results of the pressure vessel internal inspection robot in a real field use case against the specifications and requirements.

Sieger Terpstra

PETROBOT Coordinator & Work Package 7 Leader: Management and coordination

Principal Integrity Engineer – Shell Sieger works in the Inspection Technology team in the Technology Centre of Shell in Amsterdam. With a background in Applied Physics he started on the development and implementation of non-destructive testing techniques, and characterising their performance. After a coordinating role in the downstream central function and responsibility for a structural […]

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Joakim Andersson

Work Package 1 Leader: Development of pressure vessel inspection

Project leader – DEKRA Industrial AB Joakim has a background in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) with development and adaptation of inspection methods for various applications often with a mechanised/automatised solution.

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Ekkehard Zwicker

Work Package 2 Leader: Development of inline tank inspection

CEO – ALSTOM Inspection Robotics. Ekki has a background in product development and innovation strategies. Ekki was involved in setting up several spin off companies at the Swiss Institute for Technology (ETH) in Zürich.

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Prashant Potnis

Work Package 3 Leader: Demonstration of pressure vessel inspection

Inspection and Integrity Engineer, Shell Global Solutions International B.V. Prashant has been involved in development and deployment of various NDE tools for inspection and in particular, he is involved in validation of robotic inspection. Prashant received his PhD in Solid mechanics and materials engineering from the University of Oxford and has 3 years of work […]

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Moritz Oetiker

Co. Work Package 2 Leader

Senior Engineer – ALSTOM Inspection Robotics. Moritz has a PhD in dynamic systems and control and is an expert for robotic navigation and mechatronics. As senior robotic engineer Moritz is in charge of the navigation in WP2 and co. project leader of WP2.

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Andreas Schler

Project Manager – Innospection Germany GmbH Work Package 1 & 2: Provision of the eddy current testing units With a background in managing all aspects of pipeline inspection projects for 17 years and magnetic eddy current inspections since 2.5 years, Andreas is responsible for the provision and integration of the eddy current measuring unit in […]

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