PETROBOT Pressure Vessel Trials – Robotics in Action Video

In November and December 2015, the FAST and BIKE platforms, as well as the Snake-arm robot, was tested in 4 different pressure vessels at Shell Europoort. The objective of these trials was to deploy the robots, mounted with NDT tools (camera, profilometer, eddy current and UT), in the pressure vessels and assess the functionality of the robots. Several aspects related to safe deployment and retrieval of the robots through side and top man-way in horizontal and vertical vessels were tested. All the robots were able to enter in all types of vessels and demonstrated an acceptable level of operational readiness. In addition, a real field evaluation of the robots was done at Shell Pernis late 2015 and the inspection results from the robotic inspection are being evaluated.

Throughout the process we captured video of the trials and produced a small video to explain what we did. Please enjoy it below.

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