PETROBOT Snake-Arm Trials in Aberdeen

During the week of 29 February, 2016, trials for the Snake-arm robot were hosted by Chevron in Aberdeen. During these trials the HD camera, Structured White Light, UT and Eddy Current tools were tested inside a pressure vessel on a range of manmade defects.

Blind trials were carried out (I.E. the robot operator and NDE Inspector did not know beforehand where the defects were located) and the vessel defects were successfully mapped out and characterised using the NDT tools available. To the excitement of the team, some natural defects were also detected.

The results obtained will be compared with the ‘human vessel entry’ inspection report to understand the current defect detection capability of the Snake-arm inspection robot.

It was a busy week with a lot of vessel inspection time while at the same time also accommodating Chevron visitors, Senior Management and a video crew. All the parties involved are thanked for their contributions during this very successful week.