PETROBOT Presents in Abu Dhabi

Members from the PETROBOT consortium visited the 2014 Shell Regional Operational Excellence (OE) Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The key topic this year was ‘Role of OE in Asset Life Extension in Mature Assets’ with particular focus on Asset Life Extension and Long Term Sustainability.  As part of this conference, PETROBOT supported Shell in their technology update around the latest innovations of inspection technologies and robotics. Members from Alstom Inspection Robotics and Quasset attended the conference and demonstrated some of the technology from the PETROBOT Project. Interest for the project and the innovations being developed was high, and end users can see the value of this technology being used within their facilities in the future.

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PETROBOT 1st Birthday

Dear PETROBOT team,

Happy 1st Birthday!

I am excited about the year that we have been together and what we all have achieved in such a short time. During the past year we have successfully defined our 4 robotic systems, their specifications and their requirements. As well as started our robotic and inspection technology development with great success. We have also made some bold decisions with PETROBOT’s direction and learnt lessons towards the development and operation of robotic inspection tools within our industry. In addition, we had a positive response from our 3rd month review with the EU, and we all worked hard to incorporate the feedback that was provided to us. I believe we deliver a great series of products that are significantly needed in our industry.


We have gelled as a team, and formed strong links between all of the people involved in PETROBOT. We are promoting PETROBOT through many different dissemination channels, with a new social media presence on LinkedIn (don’t forget to join), and an upcoming revamp of our website. We have also presented at several different international conferences and events to further promote PETROBOT into the industry; all with great success.

I would like to thank all of you for the hard work that you have given PETROBOT in the past year, in the various roles as GA or EB member, financial or contractual support staff, and a special thank you to the Executive Board and the daily support team for their ongoing support over the last year in managing this project. We couldn’t have had the successes that we have had during our 1st year without each and every member of the PETROBOT team.

I am extremely excited about our journey ahead.

Kind regards, and enjoy our 1st Birthday,

Sieger Terpstra

PETROBOT Coordinator



Quasset presents PETROBOT at M2M Conference in London


This conference (April 28-30, 2014) focused on how the Oil and Gas industry are overcoming the challenges of managing, monitoring and controlling assets and processes through new automation and communication technologies. From overcoming barriers in hostile regions, remote locations, unmanned environments and coping with disruptive weather conditions, to monitoring well sites, pipeline performance, work sites, field personnel and data collection. Timothy Black represented Quasset and the PETROBOT consortium as one of the keynote speakers of this conference. He presented on “Robotic inspection for Asset management and the PETROBOT project” as well as presenting what current robotic technologies are being utilised for inspection and how this new technology and solutions can enhance safety, increase the operational efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs for inspection based activities.

The conference included keynote speakers from, Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco, Gas Technology Institute, Eurotech, KORE, and Freescale Semiconductor.



PETROBOT Technical Review

On the 16th of January the PETROBOT team presented its first deliverable, a Technical Review. This review was aimed at presenting the technical specifications of the robotic platforms to the review committee. Each of the Work packages presented their work, and the project coordinator presented on what PETROBOT has achieved over the first 3 months. A great effort was given from all of the consortium members in presenting the hard work performed within the first 3 months.

The review committee mentioned that  progress after 3 months works is quite impressive”  and collaboration and communication is strong within the consortium”. 



EU Grant Agreement Signed


After several months of preparations, on September 3rd, the EU Grant Agreement was signed by Khalil Rouhana, Director Components & Systems – DG Connect – European Commission (left) and Erik Bonino, Executive Vice President of Project and Engineering Services – Shell  (right).

This Grant Agreement Signing Ceremony was hosted at Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam and marked the kick-off of the PETROBOT project!